Thursday, January 21, 2010

Making of a woot shirt entry

This actually started off as an entry for Illustration Friday's theme: Wilderness. At first, it was a scaredy tiger being afraid at the not-so-scary wilderness around him (like a toucan and praying mantis).

Then I adapted it to the woot theme (Nightmares), making a lion who's having nightmares about some of the threats he has to deal with in day to day life (hyenas, panthers, crocodiles, pythons, and um, fire?).

This is the piece uncolored on cranberry.
There used to be a hippo and elephant in there, and the panther and hyena were laughing at the wussy lion. I did more with the lion's expression at this stage, too. He's got more worry lines and such, and I added a tooth poking out for more character.
The crocodile was added in strictly to balance the composition. ...OK, also I really like drawing crocodiles.

And this is my finished entry. I wanted to try limiting my palette a bit, since I always use the maximum of six colors.

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