Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pet Caricatures

Over the summer, I drew quite a few pet caricatures.  These are just several that I happened to get a shot of.

Cat caricatures are always done from a photo. No cats enjoy being in public. Or on a leash.

The calico was the instigator of the group, its owner told me.

A dog.

Chubby chocolate lab. (Hey, that sounds like an ice cream flavor!)

This dog would stand on its hind legs and shake its front legs in the air. I just HAD to draw that.

This dog was far too good for me and wouldn't stay put for the photo.

These dogs are soooo popular.

I love it when pets resemble their owners.

The shorter one was half-corgi. He's sure got corgi ears! (which you can't see in his photo, of course)

This was the prettiest dog I'd ever seen!  It was part Dingo and had one blue eye. 
His ears had a real unique shape to them, too.

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