Sunday, January 18, 2009

long time no blog

I recently got to do a very fun piece for GenCon Indy 2009. They asked me to come up with an anime mascot. I did the illustration and the type will be added by their designers.

The mascot girl I created for them is a big mashup of anime stereotypes...

She's got a mechanical arm (like Jet from Cowboy Bebop, Tetsuo from Akira, Edward from Fullmetal Alchemist), she's got an eye covered up (Kakashi from Naruto, Sanji from One Piece, Gegege no Kitaro), she's wearing a school girl uniform (Sailor Moon, Haruhi) and she's holding a genki dama (Dragonball Z).

This image belongs to GenCon. It was a blast to do.

SPACE DISK is totally cancelled
SPACE SWORDS is totally cancelled
SPACE LUGE is also cancelled
and all other events are pendiiing

If none of this makes sense to you, educate yourself. I live for SNL Digital Shorts.

This was a commissioned piece with the characters from Arashi no Yoru Ni, a movie about a goat and a wolf that become best friends. They have adorable misconceptions about what the other likes to eat. And they were fun to draw -- I liked the wolf's fluff.

Gegege no Kitaro doing his hair needles attack. The little eyeball guy hanging out in his hair is his dad.

This is an acrylic painting, about 18"x32" or so...
The idea behind it: One lady does the voice for both of these characters. When they scream/yell "UWAAAAAaaaah!!", they both sound exactly the same.

I did this for a buddy of mine, Krhainos, that likes Swat Kats.

Okay, and here are some pictures of me in Japan. My fiance and I visited for two weeks in November.

At a train station getting some vitamin C drink (I had a cold). ...In my thug hat I bought at a 100-yen store.

Me upstairs in the Kitaro Tea House, snuggling with a pillow Nezumi Otoko (he was filthy from all the cuddling).

Me eating Monjayaki, and being extremely skeptical of it. It's like gravied cabbage on a hot grill that you eat off the back of a spatula. It was... interesting. I'll stick with Okonomiyaki.

Rar, I'm a foo dog. I getchoo.
(This was outside a shrine in Suginami)

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