Saturday, October 31, 2009

shirt designs for shirt.woot does a contest each week. They pick a theme, the community votes, and the top three shirts are printed.

The theme for this derby was Flight.

So, naturally, I drew a t-rex being blown out of a volcano.
Hmm, I really phoned in those pterodactyls.

Visual Puns theme: Dandylion!

It's a lion. He is dandy. Though I might argue he's more dapper than dandy.

Visual Puns theme:

Could definitely have used more brains. And refinement.

Visual Puns theme:
Husky husky is husky.

National Parks theme:
Carnivore Valley Park
(a made-up National Park in Sudan or something)

Cooking theme:
Tonight I Dine

This one was rejected because they didn't want any video game references. Not that TMNT is strictly a video game (was originally a comic), but oh well. I'm not planning on doing any more designs that are referencing pop culture. I should do my OWN stuff! :)

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