Friday, November 6, 2009

ISCA caricature convention, part 1

It occasionally pays to be fugly.

I was drawn a LOT at the caricature convention in Sandusky, OH.

This was my first ISCA convention, and I attended as a guest (meaning I couldn't compete). I was floored by how approachable everyone was and how generous they were with sharing their techniques.

Jert was probably my favorite discovery of the convention. He's got this kinda funky John K thing going on.

Aaron Philby. Man, I love this guy's drawings. This sketch is among my favorites for its exaggeration and the great loose lines. I'm gonna follow the heck out of this guy's work.

I got a Chris Chua drawing! <3 I've been following his work for a while now, and I'm so glad I could get a sketch from him. He was super-busy and determined this week working on a very outgoing piece.

This is Paul Flatley's work... He's one of the masters! Lusciously soft pencil work. I was so pleased to sit for him and pick his brain a bit.

My Brian Oakes sketch that drove me to tears in front of him, due to it being one of the greatest things I've ever seen (sorry, Brian, that was probably extremely awkward). I love how honest he was with the rendering of the body. The pants' wrinkles just kill me, ha! That's a face I make very often, when pushing my glasses up my nose.

In my next post, I'll highlight my favorite work of the convention. And maybe more Kari pics. I've got, like, 20 of em.

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Pff. I still think you're cute. :D