Saturday, November 7, 2009

ISCA caricature convention, part 2

The following four pieces from a Japanese artist (whose name escapes me) really blew me away. Since I went to the con as a guest, I couldn't vote, but this would have gotten my vote for best color technique.

Soft purples in the shadows... Something about this reminds me of the way color is used in some anime nowadays... Colors are soft and non-primary, but often super-saturated.

Seiji and Sean Gardner. This guy really knows how to use negative space.

Alexander Clare... I really loved his loose lines.

This is Chris Chua's drawing of the Asian artists at the convention. The overall shape, is Shiori Sato, with everyone else taking up a small portion of her face. The amount of detail in this piece is incredible. And Chris appears to be an egg coming out of the rabbit's ass.

This was some of Dylan Glynn's work. He did wonderful loose watercolors and posted his thumbnails and developmental sketches. I really love being able to see the thought process, so his work was a treat.

I got drawn by Roger Hurtado! Great to see artists still rockin the airbrush. Roger was one of the kindest, most approachable folks at the convention (which surprises me, since he's a legend)... And completely without ego!

Tomokazu Tabata drew me! This thing is crazy! I love it!


Anonymous said...

Yay for more posts from Kari! You're so many kinds of awesome, holy crap.

Kari Fry said...

Haha... Gobi, I'd like to remind you that I drew _none_ of these. I just supplied the weird face.

Beast said...

Without Ego?
You must have met a different Roger.

Kari said...

LOL, no really... Roger was a sweetheart! And quote humble.